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Portrait of Dr. Steffan, who studies the uniqueness of each person’s cancer to help an oncologist choose a treatment best suited for the person they are treating Video_id: 6353387581112

Dr. Steffan Ho

Head, Translational Oncology at Pfizer
Steffan lost his father to cancer and now helps oncologists find the specific most effective treatment for the person they are treating.

Portrait photo of Dr. Astrid, who leads the Cancer Cell Biology team at Pfizer Video_id: 6353386466112

Dr. Astrid Ruefli-Brasse

Head of Cancer Cell Biology, Pfizer Oncology
Astrid's personal journey to helping lead new cancer therapies began when she saw the impact neuroblastoma had on her younger cousin.

Portrait of Dr. Scott, who heads the ADC Discovery and Cancer Immunology group at Pfizer Video_id: 6353388237112

Dr. Scott Peterson

Head of ADC Discovery and Cancer Immunology, Pfizer Oncology
Scott's life's mission to take on cancer began at an early age with a passion for biology.

Portrait photo of Dr. Kathleen, who leads the group of research scientists who are advancing antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) into clinical trials Video_id: 6353386670112

Dr. Kathleen Keegan

Head of Post-CAN Research, Pfizer Oncology
Kathleen's childhood dreams of being a doctor evolved when she fell in love with research.

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