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Pfizer is dedicated to those living with cancer and the people who care for them.

This Is Living With Cancer

Billy, a cancer survivor, playing the piano

Be inspired

Explore empowering tales of courage and hope featuring the personal journeys of cancer survivors.

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Portrayal of an oncology dietitian talking through nutritional needs

Living well

Access wellness resources and find quick guides on health and nutrition during oncology care.

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A hand placed on shoulder indicating support through the treatment journey

Get support

Explore a range of resources, from helpful downloads to connections to patient groups, to support you in your journey.

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Portrait of adult woman with text saying that 50% of people with cancer are afraid to tell their employers
Portrait of adult woman with text saying that 50% of people with cancer are afraid to tell their employers

Working with Cancer

Pledge to build a supportive workplace for those who are living with cancer.

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In partnership with Triage Cancer

Health Insurance

Starting with the basics, we help you make more informed decisions about your health insurance.

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Medical Bills

We help you better understand your medical bills and identify potential ways to reduce your cost of care.

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Employment & Disability

We’re here to guide you through the steps you can take if your employment and disability insurance is at risk or lost.

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patients first

At Pfizer, we work with patients, caregivers, and advocacy groups to meet the evolving needs of patients everywhere. Every year, colleagues across Pfizer engage patients as partners in our work. Our partnership with over a hundred advocacy groups helps increase patient engagement in research and development, diversify clinical trials, develop patient-friendly educational resources and patient support programs, and more.

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Doctor showing support by holding a patient's hand
Doctor showing support by holding a patient's hand

A group of people seated in semi-circle listening to a women speak

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Communities in action for health equity

Learn how we’re building on our long-term efforts to close gaps in care for historically marginalized communities and address systemic health inequities.

Improving health equity

Pfizer is dedicated to improving health equity for patients by partnering with more than 40 U.S. organizations, from community groups to healthcare providers and advocacy groups.

Pfizer’s Multicultural Health Equity Collective works to help eliminate healthcare disparities in neglected communities and tackle systemic racism in healthcare. This collective brings together partners across the healthcare ecosystem and provides the space for a diverse group of organizations to collaborate, learn, and act together to make better health possible for the communities they serve.

Pfizer’s cancer treatments

Explore our dedicated portfolio of oncology medicines.

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Healing in every story

Discover the inspiring stories of real people living with cancer.

Former Chicago Bears cornerback Todd, cancer survivor video_id: 6345890459112


Former Chicago Bears cornerback Todd, prompted by his father's illness, had his prostate cancer detected early at 39 and now educates his family about cancer awareness.

Mom, daughter, sister and yogi Katrina, cancer survivor video_id: 6345889456112


Katrina is a mom, daughter, sister, yogi and three-time breast cancer survivor and advocate. Hear how her cancer care was powered by everything and everyone around her.